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Breaking the Cycle (BTC)

Substance Abuse Education Programming


Since 2001, our BTC program has provided over 5000 participants an unexpected experience in substance abuse education. The program is designed so participants walk away with a new perspective on their "relationship" with alcohol and other drugs and are prepared and motivated to make positive lifestyle changes.


We're not just committed to being the leader in substance abuse educational programming - We Are Doing It!


98% Participant Rating for Quality of Instruction

97% Participant Rating for Quality of Information


Who is referred to the BTC program?


 *Court Referred  *Employer Referred  *DOT Referred  *Attorney Referred     *DMV Referred  *Self Referred  *School & University Referred  *DHS Referred

Call 734-485-6161 to register for the BTC program.

Payment required to reserve seat at time of registration


Next BTC Programs:


          Date: Sat. March 28, 2020



Time:  9-6 pm

Fee:  $125